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Dell ECS Deploy 2023 D-ECS-DY-23 Dumps

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The D-ECS-DY-23 Dell ECS Deploy 2023 exam is a recently introduced replacement for the DES-1B21 exam. This new exam is designed to assess your knowledge and skills in Dell ECS Deploy 2023. To assist you in your preparation for this exam, Passcert offers the latest Dell ECS Deploy 2023 D-ECS-DY-23 Dumps. These dumps consist of real exam questions that can greatly enhance your chances of passing the exam with ease. By utilizing these Dell ECS Deploy 2023 D-ECS-DY-23 Dumps, you can ensure that your preparation for the exam is comprehensive, thus increasing your chances of success.
Dell ECS Deploy 2023 D-ECS-DY-23 Dumps

Dell ECS Deploy 2023

This exam evaluates the candidate's understanding and proficiency in implementing and overseeing ECS solutions. The exam covers various aspects, including the knowledge and skills required to work with ECS OS and ECS software, different data client access options, and the integration of ECS with Dell Cloud Tier, PowerScale Cloud Pools, and Networker CloudBoost. The Dell ECS Deploy 2023 exam is designed to test the candidate's capabilities for 90 minutes. It comprises 45 questions, and a minimum score of 63% is required to pass.

Certification Requirements

To successfully complete this certification, a candidate must meet the following requirements:
1. Possess a comprehensive knowledgebase and skill set, which can be acquired through hands-on product experience and/or by actively engaging in the recommended training materials.
2. Demonstrate proficiency by successfully passing the Dell ECS Deploy 2023 Exam, which evaluates the candidate's understanding and application of the course content.
By fulfilling these criteria, the candidate will be able to obtain the desired certification and showcase their expertise in Dell ECS deployment.

Exam Topics

Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:

ECS Overview (16%)

● Identify ECS key features, functions, and capabilities
● Differentiate ECS architecture and components
● Describe the ECS solution, including hardware configuration, typical single and multi-site deployments, and case scenarios
● Identify ECS D@RE features and functionality and Active Directory integration with ECS

ECS Implementation (36%)

● Prepare the site and ECS system for installation
● Install the ECS core OS and configure network separation and network configuration
● Perform ECS Software installation
● Perform the initial configuration of an ECS
● Troubleshoot ECS installation issues

ECS Administration (22%)

● Define how ECS packages and protects data within a local site and federation
● Configure ECS using the portal
● Configure ARM, ACLs, quotas, or retention policies on namespaces and buckets
● Monitor an ECS solution for problems

ECS Data Client Access (18%)

● Configure the ECS integration with Amazon S3 using the ECS Portal, the Amazon S3 browser, and REST APIs
● Configure the ECS integration with OpenStack Swift using the management interfaces and APIs
● Configure object client applications with ECS
● Configure ECS GeoDrive, ECS CLI, and REST API

ECS Integrated Solutions (8%)

● Integrate ECS and Dell Cloud Tier
● Integrate ECS and Isilon CloudPools
● Integrate ECS and NetWorker with CloudBoost

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1. Which type of license is required to add additional VDCs to a federation?
A. Replication
B. Capacity
C. Expansion-Capacity
Answer: B
2. A single VDC environment has multiple ECS Gen3 racks. How does the Nile Area Network (NAN) communicate between the ECS Gen3 racks?
A. Fox/Hound port 41 and 45
B. Hare/Rabbit port 16 and 17
C. Turtle port 51 or 52
D. Management port node 1 or 2
Answer: A
3. Which configuration task is optional in ECS when enabling NetWorker with CloudBoost and ECS integration?
A. Create a dedicated namespace for CloudBoost storage
B. Generate with S3 secret key to add to the CloudBoost configuration
C. Create an object user account for CloudBoost access
D. Create a dedicated storage pool for CloudBoost storage
Answer: D
4. By default, how long does ECS retain capacity utilization data in monitoring history?
A. 1 day
B. 7 days
C. 60 days
D. 1 year
Answer: C
5. How can an administrator avoid replicating a bucket and NOT use the global protection feature of ECS?
A. Create a replication group with the local VDC
B. Choose local or remote protection from the drop-down list during bucket creation
C. Global protection feature must be used
D. Disable ECS replication
Answer: A
6. Which port is available for the ECS REST API?
A. 2049
B. 4443
C. 8080
D. 9081
Answer: B
7. Which type of load balancer can be configured to proactively conduct health checks of ECS nodes and remove unavailable nodes from the rotation?
A. Physical/virtual
B. HA proxy
C. Manual IP
D. DNS round robin
Answer: A
8. When is D@RE enabled on a bucket or namespace?
A. Any time for namespace, only at creation of bucket
B. Any time for bucket, only at creation of namespace
C. Only at time of creation
D. Any time for both bucket and namespace
Answer: C
9. What must be configured prior to installing HAL and ECS services?
A. Private.4
B. Secure Remote Services file
C. Service Console
D. Topology file
Answer: D
10. After which step in the ECS 3.4 implementation process is it necessary to reinstall ECS if it becomes necessary to change node IP addresses?
A. ECS configuration
B. IPs can be changed at any time
C. Installing fabric
D. Installing HAL
Answer: B
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