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Dell PowerFlex Design 2023 D-PWF-DS-23 Dumps

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D-PWF-DS-23 Dell PowerFlex Design 2023 Exam is a recently introduced examination offered by Dell. Passcert offers reliable Dell PowerFlex Design 2023 D-PWF-DS-23 Dumps that can assist you in familiarizing yourself with the actual exam format and enable you to practice before attempting the exam. To successfully pass your D-PWF-DS-23 exam, it is essential to possess the necessary knowledge of the content outlined in the EMC D-PWF-DS-23 Exam syllabus. By having a solid understanding of the syllabus, you will be able to approach the D-PWF-DS-23 exam with confidence and increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.
Dell PowerFlex Design 2023 D-PWF-DS-23 Dumps

Dell PowerFlex Design 2023 Exam

The Dell PowerFlex Design 2023 Exam is focused on designing comprehensive PowerFlex solutions, whether in the form of appliances/nodes or racks. It covers various aspects such as solution architecture, use cases, hardware and software components. The exam also evaluates knowledge of PowerFlex processes, tools, solution resources, system security, data protection, component backups, and basic troubleshooting. The exam has a duration of 90 minutes and consists of 40 questions. To pass the exam, a score of at least 63% is required.
Obtaining this certification validates the candidate's ability to effectively design a PowerFlex solution, including identifying and documenting specific requirements for installation and implementation. This certification supports the skills required to work successfully in environments undergoing digital and IT transformations.

Exam Topics

Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:

PowerFlex Foundations (15%)

● Describe PowerFlex products and deployment models
● Describe PowerFlex architecture and software interfaces

PowerFlex Solution Design (13%)

● Align a PowerFlex solution to requirements
● Capture a design and validate it with a customer

PowerFlex Objects Configuration (20%)

● Configure Protection Domains and Fault Sets
● Configure Storage Pools
● Configure Storage Data Servers
● Configure Meta Data Managers

PowerFlex Nodes and Volumes Configuration (38%)

● Configure PowerFlex Nodes
● Working with Volumes (e.g., create, replicate, and protect)
● Create, configure, and protect NAS Filesystems

PowerFlex Solutions Integration and Troubleshooting (15%)

● Integrate for security
● Backup and restore a cluster
● Troubleshoot a cluster

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1. Which SDN technology incorporates edge computing and delivers security in a hybrid cloud environment?
A. Cloud security Gateways
C. VMware NSX-T Ready
D. Cisco ACI
Answer: C
2. A customer application generates 2 GB/s writes, and any expected outages will not exceed 3 hours. What percentage of 200 TB should be allocated as journal capacity?
A. 11%
B. 12%
C. 13%
D. 14%
Answer: A
3. For which component does the CloudLink Agent unlock the drives?
Answer: B
4. What is the default location where CloudLink Center backs up its configuration data?
A. Object repository
B. Cloud storage
C. File share
D. Local Desktop
Answer: D
5. In which two scenarios must an administrator add more space so a customer can write to the file system? (Select 2)
A. The number of snapshots reaches a maximum.
B. The grace period for the quota expires.
C. The file system reaches a soft limit.
D. The file system reaches a hard limit.
Answer: B, D
6. What is the amount of spare space that PowerFlex Sizer assumes?
A. 10%
B. 11%
C. 12%
D. 15%
Answer: A
7. A customer wants to generate a troubleshooting bundle of PowerFlex system activity. Which three logs does the report generate? (Select 3)
A. Cloudlink Center
B. Dell PowerSwitch
C. CloudIQ
D. VMware ESXi
E. Secure Connect Gateway
Answer: A, B, D
8. Which solution configuration allows independent scaling along with integrated networking?
A. PowerFlex rack HCI Model
B. PowerFlex appliance HCI Model
C. PowerFlex appliance Two-layer Model
D. PowerFlex rack Two-layer Model
Answer: D
9. A customer has their own management services. They prefer to build their own environment and want a broader range of network options. Which PowerFlex offering meets their needs?
A. PowerFlex software only
B. PowerFlex rack
C. PowerFlex custom node
D. PowerFlex appliance
Answer: C
10. What are the minimum and maximum volume sizes that can be created in the PowerFlex system?
A. Minimum: 8 GB
Maximum: 1 PB
B. Minimum: 10 GB
Maximum: 1 PB
C. Minimum: 8 GB
Maximum: 10 PB
D. Minimum: 10 GB
Maximum: 10 PB
Answer: A
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