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Dell VxRail Operate 2023 D-VXR-OE-23 Dumps

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The D-VXR-OE-23 Dell VxRail Operate 2023 exam is a newly introduced exam that replaces the DES-6332 exam. Its purpose is to assist candidates in successfully passing the D-VXR-OE-23 exam. To aid in this endeavor, Passcert offers a wide range of resources, including the latest Dell VxRail Operate 2023 D-VXR-OE-23 Dumps. These comprehensive Dell VxRail Operate 2023 D-VXR-OE-23 Dumps have been meticulously curated to encompass the most current exam objectives, thereby ensuring that you are thoroughly prepared to achieve resounding success in your upcoming examination.
Dell VxRail Operate 2023 D-VXR-OE-23 Dumps

Dell VxRail Operate 2023

This exam is designed to assess the candidate's knowledge and skills in various aspects of a VxRail cluster, including the overall product, hardware, and software components. It covers a wide range of topics such as components, cluster management, provisioning, monitoring, expanding, REST API, and maintenance with standard activities and troubleshooting. By successfully obtaining this certification, candidates can demonstrate their ability to effectively administer a VxRail system and leverage the platform to solve business problems efficiently. This certification is particularly valuable for individuals working in digital and IT Transformation environments.
Part 1:
The first part of the exam lasts for a duration of 75 minutes and consists of 40 questions. Candidates need to achieve a pass score of 63% in order to succeed.
Part 2:
The second part of the exam lasts for 45 minutes and consists of 8 simulations. Candidates need to achieve a pass score of 63% in order to succeed.
It is important to note that a passing score is required on both parts of this exam in order to obtain the certification.

Exam Topics

Introduction to VxRail (9%)

● Describe VxRail use cases, architecture, models, and software stack
● Describe VxRail management, licensing, and data protection options

VxRail deployment options and implications for administration (11%)

● Identify VxRail vCenter Server deployment options
● Identify VxRail network deployment options

Manage the VxRail (38%)

● Mange the VxRail using the VxRail Plugin for vCenter Server
● Monitor the Health and Performance of the VxRail vSAN Cluster
● Manage vSAN Services
● Manage and use vSAN Storage Policies
● Manage the VxRail vSAN Cluster Availability
● Manage vSAN HCI Mesh

Perform Maintenance and Troubleshooting (21%)

● Explore SolVe Online and generate VxRail procedures
● Perform Cluster Expansion
● Perform Software Upgrade and File-Based Backup
● Perform Log Collection and Troubleshoot VxRail Issues

Perform Additional Administrative Tasks (17%)

● Manage VxRail Networking
● Manage a Stretched Cluster Deployment
● Perform cluster shutdown and startup and removing a node from a cluster
● Manage cluster passwords and SSL certificates

VxRail Appliance REST API (4%)

● Identify REST API functionality available in VxRail
● Use the VxRail API to perform tasks

Share Dell VxRail Operate 2023 D-VXR-OE-23 Free Dumps

1. When deploying a VxRail cluster with an internal DNS server, where is the DNS server located?
A. VxRail Manager VM
B. vSphere Distributed Switch
C. vCenter Server Appliance
D. Standalone VM
Answer: A
2. An administrator is trying to monitor vSAN backend IOPS, throughput, and latency in the vSphere Client. What must be turned on to monitor these metrics?
A. vSAN Disk Management
B. vSAN Performance Service
C. vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
D. vSAN Health Service
Answer: B
3. Which deployed software component is used to collect real-time log activity for VxRail?
A. vRealize Log Insight
B. vCenter
C. Internal tftp
D. VxRail Manager
Answer: A
4. A VxRail administrator has been tasked with configuring static LAG for a VxRail cluster vSAN traffic. The ToR switches have already been configured.
Which VDS port group load balancing option should be configured?
A. Route based on physical NIC load
B. Route based on originating virtual port
C. Route based on IP hash
D. Route based on source MAC hash
Answer: C
5. The vSphere Client is showing several failures on node 3. Support recommends opening an SSH session to troubleshoot. The connection fails to establish.
Which path should be used to enable SSH on the host from vSphere Client?
A. Cluster > Monitor > System > Services
B. Host > Configure > VxRail > Enable SSH
C. Cluster > Configure > VxRail > Hosts > Enable SSH
D. Host > Configure > System > Services
Answer: D
6. Where in the VxRail Plugin can log bundles be generated?
A. Monitor > VxRail > Issues and alarms
B. Configure > VxRail >Troubleshooting
C. Monitor > VxRail > Security
D. Configure > VxRail > Support
Answer: B
7. Which vSAN troubleshooting option provides improvement recommendations for the VxRail cluster?
A. Skyline Health
B. HCIBench
C. Network Performance Test
D. VM Creation Test
Answer: A
8. A systems administrator is tasked with upgrading the VxRail software. Which resource should the administrator use to plan the upgrade?
A. MyVxRail
B. ProSupport Services
C. SolVe Online
D. OpenManage Enterprise
Answer: C
9. Using the VxRail Manager, what information can be located under the node physical view?
A. Location and PSNT
B. Operational Node Status and Appliance ID
C. Temperature and Health State
D. Health State and Memory
Answer: A
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