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What are the popular diamond cuts for engagement rings?

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Finding the perfect diamond ring can take months as you go from one store to another going through hundreds of designs, diamond cuts, sizes, clarity, and so on. But the hunt for the best is simplified largely when you look for popular diamond cuts that are generally bought by most people for engagement. These styles sell the most for a reason and unless you want something completely out-of-the-box, these should offer something you would love. Here we have listed a few such diamond cuts which you would find enticing enough to get for your fiancé as the engagement ring.
Marquise cut
The marquise cut diamond engagement rings has a very unique shape. It is like a tear-drop shape with two pointed ends. Marquise cut reflects light very prominently sat it has 58 facets. Moreover, since it has a long and narrow shape, it creates an illusion of a larger size. Also, the elongated shape is very flattering for those who have shorter fingers. It creates an illusion of thinner and longer fingers and enhances the overall aesthetics of the wearer.
Round cut
The round cut is the most common and popular diamond shape for engagement rings. It is the classic style and most couples opt for the shape because it is versatile. Moreover, if you are twinning the ring style with your husband, the round shape is the best option. Most men’s diamond rings come with round shape diamonds and hence it is easier to twin with them if you choose the same shape. Another reason behind the popularity of round-cut diamonds is that most of the highest-grade diamonds are usually round.
Emerald cut
The emerald cut is another popular style because its shape is versatile for trendy diamond ring designs. Moreover, the emerald cut has a minimalist and simple appearance which appeals to many brides these days. The only drawback of the style is that if there are any impurities in the diamond, they can easily show through because this cut has a plain surface. This is why couples who look for emerald-cut diamond rings usually opt for the best-grade diamond so that the design looks perfect.
Oval cut
Another classic diamond shape is the oval cut which is very popular in wedding rings. It is perfect for the classic solitaire design, as well as trinity, rings. The oval shape can create an illusion of a larger size even if it has a lesser carat which is another reason behind its popularity. The Oval shape is one of the best choices as it is versatile and complements every type of outfit.
Pear Cut
Pear-cut diamonds are very beautiful. The pear cut diamond engagement rings are the best choice when you are on a budget. The cutting method is also very practical and it can conceal any inclusion easily. So even if you choose a more budget-friendly diamond grade, the inclusions would not show through because of the cutting method.
Now that you know the different types of diamond cuts that are considered best for engagement and wedding rings, step out to visit the jewelry store. You can find readymade diamond rings or order bespoke rings with your favorite type of diamond to gift the best ring to your partner.
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