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The screw jack is also a linear drive system

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The screw lift is also known as the screw transmission mechanism. It is mainly used to convert rotary motion to linear motion or to convert linear motion to rotary motion. There are mainly transmission motion, such as the feed screw of the machine tool table); there are also screw transmission mechanisms that adjust the relative position of the parts. The screw lift has a sliding friction mechanism and a rolling friction mechanism. The sliding screw nut mechanism has the advantages of simple structure, convenient processing, low manufacturing cost and self-locking function, but it has large friction resistance torque and low transmission efficiency. Although the ball screw nut mechanism has a complex structure, high manufacturing cost and cannot be self-locking, its major advantages are small frictional resistance torque, high transmission efficiency, high precision, good system rigidity, reversible movement and long service life. The screw lift is composed of a worm gear reducer and a screw, and its deceleration component is a worm drive, which uses the worm to drive the worm gear to achieve deceleration. The worm gear is equivalent to the nut of the lifting screw, which matches the lifting screw. 
The lifting speed of the screw elevator is equal to the input speed of the worm divided by the reduction ratio of the worm gear, and then multiplied by the pitch of the screw. Due to its structure, this kind of screw lift is generally lubricated with grease. For the maintenance and maintenance of screw lift, some series are lubricated with lubricating oil, which has the advantages of longer life and stable operation than the grease-lubricated series. Planetary reducer。

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