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Design diesel engine with specific horsepower?

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This seems a little "out there" for a question off the bat...from what end does the question originate?

If it is a college project, it is to assess your thought processes - similarly interview questions can be similar. 

if you can extrapolate, the answer presented may be more useful.

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I am trying to learn how to design diesel engines, maybe build one at home.

so, How do I design a diesel engine with a specific horsepower if I don't know the torque and I don't know the mean effective pressure?

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Start by researching HOW a diesel engine works - it is a compression-ignition engine...what pressure therefore is required to ignite the fuel.

Design a combustion chamber on the top of a piston (the norm for diesel - it allows a mixing of the fuel and control of the ignition by the process of "squish".) - I'd use a reclaimed diesel piston.

Compress this in a cylinder with a little fuel to ensure it ignites - take enormous care as, when it does ignite, there will be a huge release of energy as the piston is thrown back down the cylinder. Film this (in high speed if you can) as you will then know at which point the fuel ignites...and can then calculate the pressure of ignition. this can then be used to calculate the MEP (well...roughly anyway). 

Energy to compress can be calculated, the energy in the fuel is known, all else can be simply calculated.

First step...research!

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