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need help pumping chocolate sauce!

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Hello everyone! I'm in the process of designing a new piece of equipment.  I have the PLC and HMI programs already written.  I have all my prox sensors on hand,  and I have a rough idea of what the machine even looks like.. lol! What i don't have is a way to push room temperature chocolate and caramel sauce through a .250 SS tube around 20psi. I've looked at peristaltic pumps and diaphragm and tested several types.  None will push the sauce though.  Chocolate sauce is around 20k cps.  Just to make things more difficult I would like a small pump,  think drive through Espresso stand and how little room there is.  I'm also limited on power.  I prefer a pump that runs on 12 or 24 vdc but no more that 120vac with a current draw of 10 amps or less....

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You have no doubt seen various Tom's products in a vending machine. The Tom's plant that made peanut butter and also cheese crackers (same production line, different days of the week) is less than one mile from my house. Sadly, it has been closed and all the staff laid off )-;) The device used to pump peanut butter or cheese on the production line looks like a very thick squishy rubber hose with a rotating corkscrew inside. If you Google "corkscrew pump" most of the stuff that comes up is utterly useless (wine bottles). A search for "screw pump" is also pretty useless. You will have to do considerable searching to find the right thing but there are companies that make them (sorry I can't recall the manufacturer). You can take this kind of pump apart and clean it easily, which they of course did on the Tom's production line. What you want looks like this:


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