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6061-T6 Aluminum Load Bearing Strength Calculation Requested

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I need to mount a 375lb 64" x 64" and 1" thick panel to a wall.  The wall is a standard 16" OC 2"x4" studded wall with fir studs and 1/2" sheetrock.  The the 64" x 64" area of the panel is against the wall.  The weight is uniformly distributed across the area of the panel, however about 300 lbs of the total weight will be concentrated approximately 1/2" to 5/8" away from the surface of the wall.  I have in-hand a 64" length of 6061-T6 angle aluminum, 1/8" thick (both legs) that I would like to attach to the wall to support the weight of the panel.  The angle would be attached with the vertical leg facing down such that the fasteners will be exposed when the panel is resting in place on the horizontal leg.  Assume that I have a fastening solution in hand to hold the panel from falling away from the wall.  The 64" length of aluminum angle would be screwed into the fir studs through the 1/2" sheetrock using quantity 4 equally-spaced structural screws.

1.  What key specs (e.g. sheer strength, length, head contact area) must be met for the 4 fasteners?

2.  Assuming sufficient strength fasteners, will the 1/8" 6061-T6 1" x 1" aluminum angle handle the load of the panel?

If this isn't the correct forum to ask this type of question, I would appreciate guidance as to where I could pursue a solution.


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A picture would help to clarify, but if I am understanding you correctly:

You will not have an issue with either the studs or the aluminium to hold the panel....the sheetrock on the other hand may  be an issue.

You have not said what the sheet is used for or anything of that ilk, and therein lieth the risk.  If it is just hanging - say like a picture - it will likely be fine. If on the other hand it is a whiteboard, or a noticeboard that is going to be knocked to otherwise "interfered with", i would err on the side of caution and try and up the screws. Sheetrock can be quite friable - meaning it can deteriorate when manipulated for mounting holes.

The best way round this is to try and screw through the sheetrock onto the battens that hold the sheetrock. they will support the bar onto the back and spread the load the sheetrock is subject to, making it far less likely to deteriorate.

That said, there are some dedicated sheetrock fasteners that are rated for 30kg each (~70lbs), sometimes more.

The actual load will be predominantly shear, so unless the sheet is being constantly dragged away from the wall, virtually any fastener will be okay.

To clarify :

1 If you are bolting through the aluminium it is irrelevant as you will not exceed the strength of the aluminium; the load is relatively small (375/4 = 94lbs per fastener in shear)

2 yes


hope this helps

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