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Write one line on centrifugal pump ?


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It goes round and around and comes out the end.

Oh, by the way, the label "volute" is in the wrong place on the figure, but then the diagram is wrong as well.


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centrifugal pump works on the principle of vortex motion.  example of vortex motion in home made by common seance. take a half bucket of water and insert hand inside the bucket and rotate the water either clockwise or anticlockwise then u see here rotating water comes at the outer diameter of the bucket.

when the casing full of water and the impeller start the rotation a vacuum create inside the casing, The pressure Inside the casing is much lower than the pressure of sump(sump means -where the suction pipe mounted) then the water suck inside the casing from higher pressure to lower pressure.

one more important point is here about centrifugal pump is- the head imparted by the impeller is greater than suction head.

the casing area is gradually increase from inner to outer diameter , Due to this reason the kinetic energy dominated or converted into pressure energy,    the water coming out from the delivery pipe is pressure energy or pressure head in terms  of water

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In a centrifugal pump used for negative head installation,suction head at site must be considered while selecting the pump.

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They work just like the 1970s cartoon series "Battle of the Planets"....G-Force!

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