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Mechanical Engineering

I have a Mechatronics exercise. Can anyone help me with it?

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In this diagram (mass ≈0.8kg, length ≈1m) we want to control the thrust that the propellers provide so that we stabilise the platform in the horizontal plane.

1. Motors and Propellers

The motors that will be used are of permanent magnet of dc. The propellers that will be used can be considered as ideal inverters. The motors will be supplied from a controlled analogical voltage source. The inertia of the propeller should be considered.


1. Show the dynamic model of the system (correlation between the voltage of the propeller and the angular position of the platform and also input disturbance and angular position)

2. Suggest the couple of the motors (model manufacturer, properties). Justify your choice.

3. Suggest the couple of the propellers.

2. Sensors


1. Suggest the sensor(s) that you will use (model manufacturer, properties). Justify your answer.

2. Give the sensor transfer function.

3. Identify the sources of noise and suggest a system to prevent the noise from the sensor recorder.


The microcontroller ATMEG A328 will be used (or a PLAKETA that is based on their specific microcontroller)


1. Suggest a circuit that will interconnect the microcontroller with the motors

2. Suggest a circuit that will interconnect the sensors

4.Programming the Microcontroller


1. Suggest a method and corresponding program of microcontroller for identification of system parameters.

2. Program the microcontroller to take the sensor`s measurements and generates the control law to motors provide so that we stabilise the platform.

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