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Mechanical Engineering

List of Softwares used by Mechanical Engineers


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There are a list of Huge Softwares used by us...

U might be knowing only few. names

and so this thread has been created.....

If u know one name and me another , and we exchange we will be knowing abt two softwares.....

Please Use

Post Reply to Add Software name

Also write what it deals with .... What r its capabilities...Specialization ...and more u know abt it...

Hardware requirements!!!!

Whose Developer : Company name

Email to friend to email this topic to all Mechanical Engineers You know.....so that we can have great list here....

Looking forward for great list....

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Let me start this list , by very basic software

AutoCad By AutoDesk

Every one must be knowing abt this

AutoCad 2007 has also been relaesed

About AutoCAD 2007?

Design, visualize, and document your ideas clearly and efficiently with AutoCAD software. From conceptual design through drafting and detailing, AutoCAD 2007 enables you to explore ideas like never before. Create, edit, and develop design alternatives using realistic solids and surfaces in an updated design environment. Communicate your ideas with powerful sketch, shadow, and rendering tools, including intuitive walk-through animations. Then turn your concepts into a set of documents with the new section and flatten functionality. It’s all here, whether you’re creating, exploring, managing, or communicating,

Me still using 2005

but read abt this 2007

The new conceptual design and visualization tools introduced in AutoCAD 2007 help you realize your ideas to sell your vision to a client, make presentations to a nontechnical audience, or even communicate your design intent to the shop floor.

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as all of we know span of the mechanical field is very wide the same thing is applicable for mechanical sofware's

software are divide in to two catgry

1. high end like (CAD+CAM+CAE) UNIGRAPHICS,IDEAS,CATIA,PRO-E & many more

2.low end (CAD or CAM or CAE) like AUTO CAD,SOLID WORKS, SOLID EDGE,INVENTOR, & many more for modeling & in the same catgry some software we use for analysis like ANSYS, HYPERMESH, FLUENT, LSDYNA etc & third sector in this categry is CAM tin this sector we like SMART CAM...

- Seemant Arora

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Though I see almost all what I know have been told by others, but one missed is

NASTRAN, a software usied for FEA(Finite Element Alaysis). Its good for analysis, but its own solid modellling is not good. For the purpose we can import the file from other softwares(I do from proE).

The idea of this listing is really good.


- Ekta Singla

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" AutoForm"

AutoForm is the software of choice for:

Product Designers,

Formability Engineers,

Draw Development Experts,

Process Layout Specialists, and

Tooling, Stamping & Manufacturing Engineers.

AutoForm offers software solutions for the die-making and sheet metal forming industries.

Formability Evaluations

of Product Designs

* Identification of problem zones of the part

* Suggested modifications: geometry, material, number of drawing steps required, etc.

Deep Drawing Simulation Based

on Customer Tool Concepts

* Identification of process problems

* Suggested modifications: process parameters, tool geometry, etc.

Concept Tooling


* Optimized tool concepts

Design of Prototype


* CAD data of optimized prototype tools

* Optimal stamping process parameters

Design of Series /

Production Tooling

* CAD data of optimized production tools

* Optimal stamping process parameters

- ajay

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TopSolid'Design is a fully integrated and associative CAD software enabling the operator to draft and design products more efficiently. Kinematics, structural calculation, sheet metal processing and mechanical components form an integral part of the software and improve efficiency in the design process. Discover the principal improvements of the 2006 version, among the hundreds of new functions this version has to offer:

A fully integrated CAD module, TopSolid'Mold is designed to meet the highly specialized needs of mold makers and tool & die specialists. TopSolid'Mold enables calculation of the shrinkage factor, analysis of undercuts, calculation of the parting line and surface of the joint, automatic creation and definition of the core block and cavity, implementation of the standard carcass, systems of injection and ejection and analysis of the cooling system.

Based on the automatic recognition of topological properties, TopSolid'Cam identifies individual shapes and can thus suggest the best machining method to use. Machine simulation, collision check, spindle synchronization, raw part updating and visualization of material removal are important elements of TopSolid'Cam for tool path programming.

Thanks to its continual evolutions, TopSolid'Wood has become a leader in design and manufacturing software for the wood industry. TopSolid'Wood 2006 and TopSolid'WoodCam 2006 offers not only increased productivity in design and manufacturing but also eliminates all communication obstacles between research and manufacturing departments.

- tellicima

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MATLAB is also an important software for mechanical. It help in solving the difficult mathematical equations and ploting of any curve.

it's official website is My link


easy to use.

programming software and doesn't have too many complications like in C/C++.

one can easily master the software in few days.

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iHeat Xfer is an app for the iphone and ipad that is used to solve heat transfer problems. It is will calculate power required for heated objects and heated streams and will also estimate surface temperatures. It has a whole database of materials that can be used so it is very handy! I just got it for my iphone and it works great!

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There are so many softwares, but in my point of view Mech-Q is the best. Because it contains, a full engineering suite designed to work inside your existing CAD Software. Support all versions of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and more. Modules include Mechanical, Piping, Ducting and Structural.

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  1. AutoCAD
  2. Altair HyperWorks v10.0 --> I have used this software for kinematic analysis and dynamic analysis of machines and mechanisms. we can also do stress analysis of beems and machine members using this.
  3. SS-T-CONDUCT software used for solving steady and transient heat transfer problems in 1 and 2 dimensional cases. download link http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073398128/student_view0/ss-t-conduct_software.html

thank you

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One of the problems with many of these software packages mentioned above is their expense. If you work for company "A" where you get very proficient in software X, what happens when you take a position with company "B" that uses software Y? Presumably the software packages X and Y do similar things, but in their own formats, and they are not compatible. Further, if you want to work on something on the side, for your own interest, will you be able to use the company's software for your personal work?

Years ago (before the end of the Ice Age), engineers all used slide rules, but every engineer provided his own slide rule at work. There were many different brands (K&E, Dietzen, Post, etc.) but they all worked about the same (some small variations), and they gave the same results. You could use your slide rule at work and on your home projects; it was yours.

For this reason, I encourage people to use public domain software, rather than proprietary software. Several folks above have mentioned MatLab, but no one has mentioned SciLab. SciLab is public, available for free, and works just about like MatLab. Why do so few use public software? This baffles me. There are other similar situations regarding other types of software.


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