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Hello Engineers, I recently joined a company where they dont have their own manufacturing plant. Our products are manufactured at different vendors and are directly shipped to customers. No inspection or quality check is done from our side. My role is to now set up some quality process in our company. I need help to prepare some kind of checklist/dimension inspection report for vendors to submit to assure their quality.

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Starting first has to be done by you only 

You should come up - This I have done .... what else can be done.....

Suggestion is you can from the past - what has been the quality issues, list them out and then start working on it...

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Hi Folks,

4. There are many inspection method and every organization should have own method of inspecting the components. Here some points to you. There are three types of checklist which is primary level of quality process

A. General dimensional checklist

B. Process control checklist

C. Statistical Process control chart (Sigma, 3Sigma & 6Sigma) 

1. If manufactured parts are mass production , You will capture all general dimensions in checklist.

2. If parts have any critical dimensions, Please use SPC - Statistical Process control chart

3. Prepare checklist for FFF (Form, Fit, Function) dimensions and get the inspection report from vendor and share to your customer and keep it as record.

4. Here some common inspection method. 1. Visual Inspection method or Visual magnification method, 2. by using gauges

                                                 3. For GD&T, use Co-ordinate Measurement method 4. By using Fixture.


Balachandran M.

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