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Climate Change.,,.,.,what.,.,.,.,.!!!!


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Below is what I have found. You can do the math

Globally, crude's reserves-to-production ratio has hovered between 40-55 years. (Then the well runs dry)



The above is saying, all the known oil reserves will be sucked up and burned within 40-55 years.

 What so many people fail re realize is the there are two (2) dynamics going on here which on the surface seem unrelated which is our biggest mistake

World Oil Reserves1,650,585,140,000        barrels

47 years of oil left(at current consumption levels)

World Oil Statistics - Worldometer (worldometers.info)

This means, at current consumption all the known oil reserves will be sucked up and burned in 47 years.

Which means that the world’s major energy source will not be able to meet demand in 20+/- years.

If the world acts now to gradually switch from oil to renewables the transition will a peaceful one. If we do not do this, a world global fight will occur to control what oil is left. This will lead to WW3 which in itself will burn up what is left.

This may not concern you because you will not be around then; but your grandchildren will !!

Fighting climate change and discovering new renewable energy resources are fighting to achieve the same thing. The survival of the human race. 

The end of the Fossil Fuel era is upon us so what are we going to do next-? 

I think it is time for us to look around at other countries who see the end of oil around the corner----------------

 China plans ban on petrol and diesel cars


China looks at ending sales of gasoline cars


China to ban all petrol and diesel cars


China to plow $361 billion into renewable fuel by 2020 | Reuters


(a Berlin-based think tank) and Clean Energy Wire (an associated communications team) announced that renewable electricity “probably” covered more than 90 percent of power demand at 58 GW for a couple of hours on Sunday. https://tinyurl.com/mm9zkt7

People are cutting the use of fossil fuels and learning how to use renewables when in fact at current consumption rates the world well suck up and burn all known reserves in 40-50 years.

Then what?

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We must not give up. As you say, the next generation (and the ones beyond) are depending on us. Wisdom (and self control) is making difficult decisions now that will bear fruit later. Sadly, wisdom and self-control are far more scarce commodities today than petroleum will ever be.

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