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Need help with Air bearing table design calculations

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Hello Everyone,
I am designing an air bearing table with an internal air supply. The system has three flat air bearings each with a maximum flow rate of 1.32 NLPM at 0.41 MPa (60 psi). Instead of an external supply of air from a compressor, I am planning to supply air from a portable storage tank, so that i can make the system free from any external connections.
I am facing difficulty to find the tank size and storage pressure.
I did the following calculations

For a 30-minute run Volume of air required by the bearings
V1= 1.32 x 30 x 3
= 118.8 L at 1.01325 bar (P1)

Now i can choose the tank volume V2 and can find the pressure P2 = (118.8x1.01325)/V2
Or i can choose the tank pressure P2 and can find the volume V2 = (118.8*1.01325)P2
can someone please verify if the calculation correct or not?

I need to limit the tank size to the small canister of size 1L or 2L, so please suggest to me any air storage tank suppliers so that I can find out standard air storage canister sizes.

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