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Swimming pool pump sizing

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Hello everyone.

My question is about sizing of a swimming pool of nearly 50m3 capacity.

How should i calculate the pressure that should be given at delivery ports in the pool, as i am sizing the pump head.

The frictional losses i have already calculated, the dynamic losses also but i dont have the pressure at delivery that should be incorporated.

A worked example would be of great help of any specific guides.


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Pool circulation requirements are well documented in various standards, and vary depending on the geographic area...basically, UV light exposure (and intensity) of the water has a significant affect on the requirements.

Once you have the recommended pool water circulation/filtration rate, it is a relatively straightforward calculation. 

I think from memory (so may be completely wrong!) for a low use pool in the UK there was a minimum filtration rate of 3 x volume per 24 hours...but (again from memory) on my kids (very large) paddling pool I ended up going for 8 x volume due to surrounding foliage.

First port of call the local regs!

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before I answer this quest , let me know exactly. What kind of pool do you try to design ?

A lot of water boom for my case just calculate major losses plus 15% minor loses and flow rate of pumps depends on volume of balancing tanks. Because pool don't has any requirement for pressure. And you must added dosing chemical pump to avoid alga. For incoming water (especially water from well) you must added sand & carbon filter. Mangan filter needs when quality water has zinc material on it. If you try to design water fountain (maybe) you must calculate major head loses plus 30% of minor losess. It needs pressure on this nozzle and it has many shaped for kind of nozzle.

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