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Cannot figure out why I get this error in COMSOL


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image.thumb.png.b7a9666484b24ddc7443430c0dfb84cc.pngI have been given a model which uses Cell Periodicity to model a unit cell representing a large repetitive structure. Periodic boundary conditions are used on the outer boundaries of this unit cell. When I run the model however, I get this message:



Boundary similarity and source/destination incompatibility



Where source and destination are defined - not sure what it means?



This is where "Boundary similarity: src2dst_bp3_cp1_sim5" are defined. I have selected it in the model to the right.


Anyone more experienced than me who might have an idea of whats going on?






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Hi there "Alwayslearning"!


I've had a similar error in the past using ANSYS (or may have been NASTRAN...?)...when I gave up after banging my head against the wall for about two days, I got on to the Technical support guys...

...it turned out in my case that it was a migrogap between two edges (where there should not have been a gap). This resulted in the model be discontinuous from the analysis perspective. The model was redrawn and the problem solved.

Hope this helps.





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