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Using the force of rising air bubbles to create useful energy

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These are a few basic principles

[1] an enclosed container (X) of air submerged in water has a lifting force (Y) equal to the volume of the water displaced minus the weight of the container;

[2] connecting multiple containers one on top of the other creates a combined lifting force of (Y)+ (Y)+ (Y)+ (Y)+ (Y)+ (Y)+ (Y)+ (Y)+ (Y)+ (Y)
Which is a greater lifting force than (Y);


[3] the energy needed to fill one container is equal to the energy needed to sustain the combined lifting force of the 10 (ten) containers referenced above;

Formula used (ATM/V1) X V1 = bubble size

Output of this machine attached is 118,428 pounds of lifting force moving at 33 feet per second.

How can this principle be converted to electrical output?

seaengine -4.jpg

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I created this topic to give others here an opportunity to do a little math to improve their skills in solving a mechanical problem.

The problem is whether this machine can produce the energy claimed and whether the machine produces more energy that is consumed to operate the machine.

I am 80% confident the machine produces less energy than is required to maintain the operation of the machine. Unfortunately, when I do the math, I get a positive return but that theoretically could not be true.

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