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Sketching a New Cane

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I am an innovative 18 year old man who had a tragic accident about a year and a half ago which has left my right leg with permanently damaged nerves and muscle in the thigh area.  Needless to say I require a cane to not fall on my face when it gives out.  I have been searching and searching for an unique cane.  After not finding what I have been looking for, I have decided to attempt to create my own, a cane with the ability to switch between lengths with a simple button/lever press.  I already have some (very basic) schematics planned out but I would like YOUR help in solving some problems I have run in to.  Such as “How would the cane forcefully extend and retract with buttons or switches near the handle?”  On the schematic you will see I have placed levers near the handle of the cane, and a simplistic idea of spring(s) controlling the three separate modes, Storage, Normal, and Extended.  The levers could have some sort of wire positioned at the base of the spring of the mode it controls, and when the switch is flipped it could retract/extend the spring.  Here’s the tricky part, how would the different modes lock in to place?  How would the lever effectively control the wire?  How would the wire control the spring?  Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated as I have wanted this cane to be a reality for a very long time.  Thank you!  

(Sorry for hard to read picture, just ask if it’s too hard you read something.  Turns out drawing lightly doesn’t turn up on pictures well.)


Some after thoughts..  I am willing to change a lot of the design and details, the only ideas that I wish to remain are the simple button/lever press to switch between modes and the hook style grip. A lot of what is written are just brainstorming ideas.  Cheers!


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