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Struggling with a worm gear analysis

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Hi there

If I have my torque that the worm wheel (driven gear) is supposed to generate and have decided on my reduction ratio. How do i go about deciding  on the pitch, gear diameters ,teeth and rotational speeds. I've looked at many resources but all those calculations work form the motor properties(ie power and speed) while I'm kinda working backwards. The purpose of the analysis is to design the gear box, calculate forces on gears  and calculate the operating conditions of the motor (current and voltage needed to obtain that speed or torque).

Thank you

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I've never really gotten into worm gearing, so I am afraid I am unable to help you. Good luck.


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Take a guess!. I am only 1/2 kidding.

I did a school project so my memory is stretching back 40 + years. There are many possible solutions. Pick values and see what you get. If there is some limiting input factors given, and when you reach that point working backwards, you don't meet the requirement, select different values. Set up an Excel spreadsheet so you can do quick what if's to better see the effect of changing one parameter or value at a time. I still refer to the text I used back then. The original publication date was 1934. My 4th ed is from 1965. I don't know how this compares to any text you have now. Read sections 16.12 to end first
















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