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LED lighting circuit for my E-Skateboard.

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Hi all,

I bought four 1W Star LED's, specs are given below and I want to make a build in lighting system for my E-skateboard. The reason I do this is cause I do not want to remove lights to charge them and want to be able to switch them on from a single button. But I do not have enough electrical knowledge to build the circuit. I would appreciate if someone who has could draw a diagram for me and post it. I prefer using resistors over drivers which are easier to hide. It will be on for an hour maximum since the battery of the board runs out before that. Thanks in advance for your help.


Power bank:

  • 3.7V
  • 4000mAh

2 Star LED (Tail Lights)


  • 1W
  • 2.4-2.6V
  • 350mA

2 Star LED (Headlights)

  • 1W
  • 3.2-3.4V
  • 350mA

5V LED strip with remote. (This will work like neon lights under tuned cars which illuminate the road under the vehicle) 

I really want to include this into the setup also but if it is too much trouble I can eliminate it.


I made some research online but could not find the info I needed for this specific setup.



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Good news gtakaz, 


Good news gtakaz, 

You can have both, but it will be complicated. The LED strip will be the easiest to install, but it won’t with your power supply. The Strip runs on 5v, and the power supply outputs 3.7v. It’s easy to fix though; go to the store, get a portable cell phone charger, and plug the led strip in. The Strip used 2.88w/m according to your link. If you get a 5000mAh battery and 1m of LED’s, it should last 8.7 hours.

If you really want the LED too you’ll need a few things, and you need to read the rest of this before you do. Get a portable charger with 2 usb ports, some wire cutters, 4, 20 ohms or higher resistors, some female prototyping wires, normal wire, electrical tape, and a usb cable like the one in this link: https://www.amazon.com/Onite-5-5x2-1mm-Positive-Electronic-Organorgan/dp/B01MZ0FWSK/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=USB+to+DC&qid=1591301064&s=electronics&sr=1-5

Firstly, you’ll need the female prototyping wire because you can make circuits without soldering them together, and you can use any usb cable but usb cables come with 4 lines: power (+), ground (-), and 2 data lines. If you can sort them out, get any usb cable. If you don’t want to, get one like the one in the link; there’s less to confuse you.

Cut open the usb cable, find the wires you want. Connect the positive wire to the positive end of the LED, connect the LED to a resistor; connect the resistor to ground.  Don’t connect the LED without the resistor; LED’s need resistors or they’ll make too much current and burn themselves out. Also, I want you to do this first because LED’s need to be wired a certain way. The positive wire needs to go to the positive LED wire, otherwise it won’t light up. Spend this time figuring that aspect out. Lastly, you can go much higher than 20 ohms, and the LED’s will be plenty bright, but they won’t be as bright with lower resitance. You can actually go much lower than 20 and still be fine, but I’ll leave that as a challenge for you. Tip: do the calculations first!

Once you’ve turned the USB cable into a power supply, and figure out the LED configuration, just connect the wire together like in this diagram I made.  If you have a charger with say 5000mAh, and wire it up the way my diagram shows you should get a little over 5 hours of lighting, and charging it will be easy. Just make sure you attach it to the bottom of your skateboard well.




diagram pic.jpg

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@The Big B Dude you are an amazing person. Thank you. I was more meaning to light them all with one button without usbs, waterproof. But I will reverse your calculations and find what I need :) I used this powerbank just for leds before had no problems other than usb getting unplugged from vibration. Maybe I can be a little more optimistic and get like 60 mins life and this power bank? I have fake airpods case I could use for charging and for the button, waterproof it easily. 


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