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turbocharger curves

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With improvements in design, turbochargers are being deployed in more diverse applications, not just to get more power out of an automobile engine. [You should know that a supercharger doesn't impact the efficiency nearly as much as the power output, so that it's like increasing the displacement; while a turbocharger impacts the efficiency, not just by some constant, but differently over the range of operation.] The first figure shows typical performance curves. The second shows how these may be displayed in Excel. The third shows a section of the spreadsheet where the regression is performed and the fourth shows another way Excel will graph it. The spreadsheet is also attached. I had to first digitize the curves, which can be facilitated by coloring each one with a marker, scanning the image, and using DIGITIZE, which has the option of automatically digitizing everything of one color (ctl-A) or each of the 16 default Windows colors (except black and white) in sequence (ctl-alt-A). You can download DIGITIZE for free anytime.






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