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Idea for a life saving device need help designing it

Ed Benton

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We all have seen and read about the recent history of railroad accidents where a train has either lost its air Wyoming 2 dead or Rolled away 2 times in Canada for a total of 50 dead 3 in BC and 47 in Quebec a few years ago.  All these accidents could have been prevented with an idea I have had in my head for a few years.  It is just until today I could not get how to redo the system without requiring 2 separate braking systems figured out at least I am hoping.  If we can do this we are talking about Billions in money for those that patent the freaking Idea and I will want MY SHARE.  Yes you heard me right this idea could be forced onto the Railroads at a cost of billions to them to implement.  What I am wanting to do is give the railroad industry a failsafe emergency braking system that can not be lost in the event that the train loses air pressure.  How I plan to do this is simple Adapt the 30/30 OTR braking chamber and make it work via upsizing for the Railroad industry with the needed valves for the parking brake side that becomes the emergency brake when needed.  What we are going to have to do is figure out how to plumb into the system so that when they lose pressure the parking chamber applies than when pressure is restored the chamber will not release until commanded by the engineer in the locomotive with a pneumatic signal that is train wide.  Plus figure out how to make it so they can switch with zero air pressure they bleed the air to switch I am thinking use the bleed rods to turn a valve that keeps the pressure on the spring in the parking aka emergency chamber.  The last part is make it so it will work with unmodified cars until they are modified and almost 100 percent reliable.  Like I said whomever helps me pull it off we are talking Billions here in money for us.  This braking system is used worldwide just think about that.  

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