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need floorplans for spaceshuttle production facility

Timothy Storrs

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I am Scale modeler, scifi, Trek mostly..
I found a perfect shell to use for a scratch build (either stand alone or stand for model)
I need help designing the floor plans for a Starfleet Shuttlepod production facility, circa NX-01 era, (although not really married to the era.)
I have already started on some drawings of the area I have to work with,
(apparently I can post pics for my first post..but I can attach)

it is 1:350 scale, I have scale ppl already, and I can order some complete shuttle craft in that scale, Its just drawing up the floor plans that I need help with,

in the attachment the two big X's are the bay door openings into the facility and is a no build zone (they are outside) the center post needs to stay for shaft of future model to sit on(the other two are just for symmetry), I was thinking right bay door is in, left is out..

In its ideal, i could utilize this drawing as a floor covering for details, but first step is to come up with basic floor plans, I would think modeling it after an aircraft production facility would be ideal, then I could tweek it enough for shuttles..


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I've never done anything like this, but I can still take a stab at it.

Spend a period of time imagining yourself operating this facility. What capabilities would you want to have? Sketch up something (rough) that includes the basics, and then continue your "operations thinking." After a while, you will have some idea of what you would like to have, what makes sense (in a sci-fi sense) in terms of cost, feasibility, etc. Finally, after "operating your facility" for a while, draw up your new plan.

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