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To Design, Develop and Test an Impact Reducing Agricultural Sprayer 1.0.0

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A lightning agricultural spray pump reduces the dynamic reactions on the shoulders of the user. It is designed to permit the spray pump to move relative to the farmer during walking on uneven agricultural field while spraying the chemicals. Even on regular fields the human walk creates an oscillation of nearly 2Hz (vertical displacement of about 40-50 mm) which creates fluctuations in loading conditions on the shoulder. The peak forces can increase considerably during walking at fast pace, the peak force can increase almost 2-fold larger than the static force. One frame is connected to the shoulders of the user with the help of straps and spray pump is connected on another frame. These two frames are connected with the help of a tensile spring. This relative motion allowed between these two frames helps to reduce the large movements between the wearer and the pump so that the pump remains stationary with respect to the ground. Such movements reduce the dynamic forces on the shoulders of the wearer and maintains a reduced dynamic load throughout the spraying. This not only reduces the forces on the shoulders but also reduces the downward force on the body and hence the upward ground reaction force. This reduces high dynamic shocks on the user and thus helps in preventing muscular and orthopaedic injuries. This gives biomechanical advantage over the conventional spray pump. This product is validated by developing a test rig using Arduino and load cells. A jacket like rig which can easily be worn on shoulders and directly measures the dynamic load.

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