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Machine Design II ppt

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Well, for starters, it is way, way, way too long!!! Any slide show with 289 slides is doomed from the beginning! The authors should have broken it up into several different slide sets, and that would have been easy to do. There are several entirely independent topics covered, so this is a a gross presentation error. It brings to mind the old saying, "Death by PowerPoint!"

That said, there are some rather good figures, and a pretty good text. I'd say most of the information is stuff I know by age 14, say in junior high school. But, if someone does not know it, then these is a pretty fair presentation to learn the material.

There are a number of errors of fact, and I'm sure I did not catch them all. I did note, however, that

1. The slides indicate that jaw clutches cannot be engaged dynamically. In the USA, we have been doing this for about 150 years, give or take a little. I suppose no one told us we were not permitted to do this.

2. There is reference to damper springs in a clutch disk. This is an automatic error. Springs are not damping elements; they have no damping capacity.

3. There are places where blue type is placed on a blue backgound. This is poor slide design, and almost completely unreadable.

4. Slide #71 shows a segmented shoe construction, but one segment appears to be facing the wrong way. Poor drafting, even if it is CAD!

5. The discussion of centrifugal clutches is unrealistic in several respects. It is overly idealized, and this leads to some fundamental misunderstandings.


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