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Facilities/Maintenance/Plant Operations

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  1. Replacement of 42 anchor bolts in a Mitsubishi–MAN diesel engine 18V52/55B

    The replacement of 42 anchor bolts in a diesel engine on a concrete foundation is not an easy job, however, with these steps, you can have a good idea of how the Alphatec Engineering SL team did it:
    1- Diamond Core Drilling
    2- Diamond Wire Cut
    3- Take out the concrete blocks
    4- Replacement of anchor bolts for new ones
    5- New rebar & concrete
    6- Regrout with green epoxy grout Alphatec®️ 800

    The job was part of the foundation repair of a Mitsubishi–MAN diesel engine, type 18V52/55B, that drives a brushless alternator of 13 MW capacity, installed in 1989.

    Even though it was not the oldest of the units at the site, this one developed vibration problems, forcing a reduction in engine speed to avoid major damage, and resulting in decreased efficiency.

    The result of this 68-day intervention was the vibration reduction and the possibility of full-power operation for many years to come.



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