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  2. Okay- New to the group, but 30 plus years in mobile systems design for machinery. Specifically specializing in hydraulic systems control for mobile systems from Cranes to forestry to mining to material handling. So far all the questions here are on flow dynamics, and boundary layer in hydrostatic bearing solutions. And though important questions in the base concepts of bearings and other items, these have almost nothing to do with Mobile motion machine control . If we we want to have a discussion on hydraulics and machine control for functionality to cost and machine performance for flow to speed performance then lets do that! We should discuss the following 1) Hydraulic systems - fixed displacement to constant pressure closed center systems and the hydrids of each. 2) Proportional to on off hydraulic controls and when one is okay and not.= With that, no compensation to pre comp to post comp and why. 3) Sensing - Load management / horsepower management. 4) Controls - CAN bus to analog and styles of machine controls 5) HMI and machine tuning and state functionality. So if we want to actually talk Mobile Hydraulic Controls then I am in, as I have down a ton, and could always learn more. Because anyone in Engineering who thinks they know it all, Needs to be have Mine haul truck land on them. Look at engineering since 1940 and just be amazed. Let me know - I plan to post a series of general machine control discussion and we can talk why's . Thanks- Mark
  3. It is the ratio of direct stress to volumetric strain It is reperesented with negative when compression ( decrease in volume ) takes place

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