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  3. Basics of Turbocharger: Turbocharger is a component in automobile and marine engines, which has major three housing, 1. Turbine housing with turbine wheel 2. Bearing housing 3. Compressor housing with compressor wheel. Turbocharger is used to convert the potential energy of exhaust gas from engine to mechanical energy, and transfer this mechanical energy from turbine wheel to compressor wheel through a common shaft, and the compressor wheel converts the mechanical energy to kinetic energy of compressed air to intake of combustion chamber.
  4. The basic function of Turbocharger is to use the potential energy of exhaust gas from engine and convert it to kinetic energy of wheel rotation, this is transfered to the oither end through a shaft for the compressor wheel and this compressor wheel suck the atmoshpheric air and compress it to a certain pressure and temperature and deliver it tio the intak manifold of the engine.
  5. Dear All, In this topic we are going to learn about the basic components of turbi charger, The turbo charger consists of 7 major components and around 55 to 60 minor components The major 7 components of turbo charger are, 1. Turbine Housing 2. Compressor Housing 3. Bearing Housing 4. Turbine Wheel 5. Compressor Wheel 6.Back Plate 7. Actuator.

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