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5 tips to survive a Seminar successfully!

Tania Alam




Seminars have always been an important aspect of education. It's an opportunity to either gain knowledge on an unknown topic or develop ideas regarding something you already know.It's a place where you meet highly skilled persons and get to know their recent researches.You should attend at least a couple of seminars annually to keep yourself updated about the advancements taking place in your field. I've seen many people who keep avoiding seminars, although interested, just because they have never attended a seminar before. If this is your case, then I've only one thing to say "There's always a first time." Until and unless you attend a seminar, how can you overcome the fright?




Attending a seminar for the first time does not mean that you'll feel low or less confident than others. Here are a few tips that can make you seminar-ready. Here are a few tips that can help you get through a seminar and actually learn from it.


1. Know the Topic

Usually there are no prerequisites to attend a seminar but ideally you should know something about the seminar you're going to attend. First know the topic, yes the topic. I've seen a lot of people coming for a seminar and asking what the topic is! Know the meaning of each term related to the topic, like definitions, some dates, names of some important people in that field, etc. If you still have some time and energy left, know who the speaker is and his background. You can look for his area of study, some research works, etc. So now that you know what you need to know, I'll suggest you some ways by which you can know it.(I just hope I didn't confuse you. Oops, I did! )

Now-a-days you can literally find everything on the web, sometimes even the details you need about the speaker from his research works. Now that you have the basic knowledge of the topic, you can consult the faculties if you feel like. You can find a lot of details online but only after talking to the profs you get to know which information is relevant for the seminar you're going to attend. Knowing more never goes in vain, but off course you wouldn't like to clog your mind with so many points. If you feel it hard to remember all the points, you can make short notes and take it with you to the seminar. Just make sure your focus is on the speaker as soon as the seminar starts and not on these notes.


2. A proper attire

it's never mandatory to wear something formal for attending a seminar but avoid fancy dresses. Remember you're in the professional world, dress up like that. If you like make-ups go for it, but keep it light and simple. Just make sure you're comfortable with your look. In most of the cases, dressing up properly makes people feel confident.


  3. Non-verbal communication

People can communicate a lot of things even without uttering a single word, through their body gestures, eye movement, etc. ere lies the importance of non-verbal communication. You can put a smile on your face just to show that you're there to learn and not to oppose the idea the speaker is going to present. Nodding your head sometimes during the speech can also communicate a lot about you. It means you're listening and understanding the topic as well.


  4. Be attentive

It's not important to understand each and every part of the speech but at least you should get the essence of the speech. Just remember that the seminars are designed to provide you with a usable content on a variety of relevant subjects and keep you updated with the latest advancements in your field. So, try to gain as much knowledge as possible.


  5. Asking Questions

It's the best way to get you ideas about the topic reviewed by an experienced person, you'll get to know if you're on the right track. Speakers also encourage questions and it's a way of learning on their part too. But whenever you ask a question, make sure you know exactly what you need to know clearly. Frame the question in your mind first, you certainly don't want to stumble while asking.
At this moment, I certainly don't want to demotivate you, just remember that silence is better than asking "silly questions".



So the next time you're going for a seminar, you already know what to do and how to do!


                   Happy "Seminar-ing" !


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The bobble head old man under #3 reminds me a lot of the woman currently running for president of the USA. In her case, it is probably caused by Parkinson's Disease. Wonder what is his excuse?

Does anyone really fear a seminar to the extent that survival types are required? I am truly surprised by this.



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