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Did I Go to School to Make Copies?

JAG Engineering LLC


I did not write the linked article. I should have since you will not learn this in school. When we finish 4 or more years of an ME education we are all wound up. We have been working at a pace which would kill us if tried it indefinitely. What shocked me when I entered industry was the trivia that engineers must be involved with. Perhaps like a soldier, you train to fight, but you don't do it 8-12/hr per day for 30 years. I don't know if the following article is accurate for small companies but it is for large corporations. I recall being bored and asked my supervisor for more work. He looked at me for a second or two then asked if I could make him a copy of some document. I said to him if this is what I get when I ask for more work I will eventually stop asking. My suggestion to young engineers is to keep in mind what one of my ME professors told us. “The best thing you can do is to get a job that keeps you as busy as I did.” I don't know if that is possible but I would keep that in mind. The article suggests too much complacency in my opinion. I think you need to know what is coming but don’t settle for making copies.



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That was an excellent read JAG Engineering LLC. The whole procedure to get to a position where we can actually "engineer " something is kind of analogous to a rookie in kung fu. He thinks that he is ready to learn those round kicks and death punches but it turns out that the master wants him to mop the floor or jump across bushes.

Good insight to students like us.

Thank you

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