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Is Mechanical Engineering Really Good for Girls?






Is Mechanical Engineering Really Good for Girls???




As I just checked my Shoutbox, I came across the most widely asked question by @Corrine Lovato:

“Hello, I am 4th year High school student. And I'm going to take BS Mechanical Engineering. My problem is, I AM A FEMALE. :3 Did you think guys, it suits me? I DO REALLY REALLY LIKE AND LOVE TO BE A MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOMEDAY.... Any Advice guys? It may help me :)) Thank you!! Mechanical Engineers and to be Mechanical Engineers.”



This is the most talked about, discussed and opinionated question for every girl who wish to pursue mechanical engineering and also for every parent who is in two minds for a daughter who wishes to pursue mechanical engineering.


As soon as I finished my high school, I strongly wished to pursue “Mechanical Engineering” because I was always curious since my childhood to know how machines work and always in awe with the perfection they delivered the outcome.

I believe, every girl who wishes to pursue this field goes through the following stages:



What Is Mechanical Engineering?


Mechanical Engineering is a discipline in which you ought to learn something from every field of engineering. From the theory of machines to its designing, from electronics to how motors work, from programming to database information retrieval system. If I could sum it all up, I can be a branch which is a Jack of all fields.

Also Mechanical Engineering is a branch where you find the least amount of girls or sometimes none at all!!




Do girls really have to go through the hard labour work while pursuing this course??


During the first two years, you have to complete your workshop duties which include working on lathe machines for manufacturing a component. It always seems tough at first, but it never is. And you always bound to get help from you fellow mates.

But the finishing given to the component is always given the BEST by the girls!!!



How actually is a life as a female mechanical engineer??

images (1).jpg

Firstly, you will have very very few female friends. Most of the friends you get from other branches like computers or electronics, whom you get to meet either during lunch time or sometimes not at all!

Secondly, you have no option left than to be with your male classmates. Believe me, male friends are more honest, helpful, selfless and dependable. Especially, the males who wish to uplift women than suppress them. It is always better to be focused and carve your own niche.

Because in the end it’s all about you!!!




Is there any scope for girls in mechanical engineering??

images (2).jpg

As I said, in the end it’s all about you. The world is changing and so is mentality of people.

After completion of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, even being a “female”, I had a host of opportunities to work in well known companies.

You can go for research work, designing, internships, teaching, shop work and anything that matches your interest. Or better you can pursue your higher studies and specialize in it.

Remember :Where there is a will, there is a way!!!



Feel free to comment or ask about any doubts and questions!!

Any suggestions or feedback are also welcome!








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In mechanical engineering one need to do very hard work and lots of study.Being an mechanical engineer he/she will have to apply his/her technical skills, analytical ability and concept for design, manufacturing and maintenance of things.So there is no such a point of being a girl or boy to study mechancial engineering and become mechanical engineer....whoever have passion for being mechanical engineer can persue in this no matter girls or boys

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Now adays , male / female education is a must & no difference in job . The only obstacle , in my opinion , is the actual work at construction site . I prefer office work for the female , as she will chalange the male by her intelligence .

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there is nothing like a boy/girl comparison in mecanical engineering.it's all about the interest and passion.anyone can do ,but the jobs you get ,are dirty for sure..hardly matters!!!mech people enjoys that.. :) .good luck with that..work hard,keep rocking.. :)

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Although in mechanical engineering department there are less girls like you but after completing your graduation in mechanical engineering you are eligible for various government jobs in India which include PSU and engineering services exam. Government of India doesn't discriminate men and women in their pay.

I know there would be many who would be advising you to take computer science or electronics branch but true fact is there are very few jobs in computer science and electronics in India where you may suffer discrimination in pay even in first world countries like England women get on an average 20% less pay as compare to men because women need more holidays as compare to men like maternal leave.

In India Mechanical engineering is said to be evergreen branch which will never suffer from any recession.

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no problem if your interest in mechanical engineering then do it there are many jobs for girls in this field like designing sectot it is a starting of a company second quality many girls are going to presentation so if u want to do then do it but concentrate is main things...

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If any girl wants to become a Mech. Engr. then during student life she will not find any problem. But in service life, office job will be best (especially in Govt. or, PSU). Field jobs are not comfortable. But teaching job is a good choice. Now a day there is no gender difference. There are many female (fighter pilots, deck officers and marine engineers). If there is a will, there is a way.

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Mechanical Engineering is the Mother of Engineering ! Why it wouldn't be good for females ! Mechanical Engineering doesn't mean to work on the fields all the time. You have the scope of doing design work, planning, estimation and managerial jobs, research and development (R&D). So why not go for it. If you really love machines and engineering no matter what you will choose Mechanical Engineering. Its tough critical and interesting. I am Proud to be a Mechanical Engineer . Thanks !

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listen first of all i tell you i see my many girlfriends that they are good in drawing and sketches because mostlygirls likes neatnesss unlesss boys . and also i tell you that if you had really decided to go in mechanical than i suggest you after mechanical just apply for machine designs jobs it will be aweful for you . hope my comment is helpful for you . ;)

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I see that thus far, no one has addressed the points I raised. I think that this is because there is really no way to contradict them.

The fact remains, the vast majority of females are not serious about a long term career as engineers (of any sort), and to expend the resources (both public resources as well as their personal resources) simply does not make good engineering sense.

I never said that girls were unable to do the work, only that, on the average, they are unwilling to do the work long term. Studying engineering may be an excellent way to find a husband, but is that really what we are all about?

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Boys usually take mechanical engineering as passion, but in case of girls there are many got demotivated regarding Mechanical engineering. Even some parents are not encouraging there children in this field due to lack of knowledge. If you watch National geography, Discovery or similar channels related to Mechanical engineering of western countries you can find many of the scientists, engineers are women who are passionate about it.

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The question posed was, "Is mechanical engineering good for girls?" but I would like to take a contrarian position and ask the opposite question, "Are girls good for mechanical engineering?"

I have no doubt that young women are able to complete the educational process and to perform the job (at least some of them are), but are they a good investment of our educational resources?

Most young women will want to marry; it is a natural thing. With marriage come additional family responsibilities, a husband, children, a home to manage. This usually leads to one of two possible ends:

(1) they drop out of engineering completely after a few years; or

(2) they only dabble in engineering, working part time, working things that suit their schedule and other responsibilites, etc.

In contrast, when a man takes a job, as an ME or anything else, he can usually be counted upon to remain on that job, full time, fully committed, indefinitely. He has a wife and family to support, and a career to build. He cannot be casual about his committment to his job and his profession. Why did we spend the educational resources to train the young woman, possibly to the exclusion of a young man, when she is only a temporary/part time engineer?

I am a retired ME professor, and I have seen a fair number of young women come through my classes. Some of them did absolutely brilliantly, but to the best of my knowledge, none of them is a full time practicing engineer today.

I was in contact last summer with a young woman who had been in my classes years ago. She was a star student and has since gone on to complete a PhD in ME. But, she is also a wife and mother. We were discussing working together on a project. She said that she was interested in the project, but not right now. It was summer time, and she wanted to ride her bicycle and play with her kids during the summer. To my mind, she is simply not serious about being an engineer, even though she is extremely bright.

I think there is grave doubt about whether young women belong in engineering of any sort.


I thank you for posting your thoughts so clearly. Well agreed, your point of view might have been correct had we been discussing this 10-15 years ago.

I am a female mechanical engineer. I did my Bachelor's in ME, I chose the field for myself out of sheer love for dexterity, seeing the applications of Mechanical Engineering in my day to day life. After graduating, I went on to work with the largest automobile company of India in the operations division. in the initial days, I had to work really hard to break the prejudice that women are not meant for such dynamic and physically intensive job roles. But I am proud to say, I could get single person in the department to change their perception. Later on, I was assigned with the same number of tasks or rather sometimes more because my boss believed in me.

Moving on, at some point after a few years I realized the knowledge I have is not enough. I wanted to learn more and in much more depth. Here I am pursuing my Masters in ME. After that, I intend to do my PhD as well.

Now again coming back to your words, quote., "Most young women will want to marry; it is a natural thing. With marriage come additional family responsibilities, a husband, children, a home to manage. ".

1.) Yes, I will get married at some point of time, I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life BUT that doesn't mean I will leave my calling.

2.)Yes, I will have kids, because of course my husband cannot bear a child, its not biologically possible. BUT that doesn't mean I will drop out of my work. Taking care of the kids is not MY responsibility, it will be OUR responsibility.

3.) I am not sure about what you mean when you say "home to manage". I am pretty sure if both of us decide to have a career, doesn't mean we cant have a home and a family. That will take work but yes, it is possible.

Now coming to the student who described who has a PhD and a mother, is it really that big a crime if she decides to spend some time with her own kids? She has earned the right to spend some time relaxing. Do you really believe that someone who is not serious about engineering can go on to complete their PhD, give up 4 years of their life focusing on a single subject?

It is really sad for me to read such a comment from a professor of ME. Being a teacher you have the power to sway the minds of young people, students look up to you , you must have been the role model for some students. Instead of using this power to help students, fuel their passion for ME, you are propagating an agenda how women are not fit for engineering of any sort and how engineering is an excellent way to find a husband. It is really shocking indeed. I will try to give another example, generally a girl is given dolls to play with whereas a boy gets remote controlled racing cars. A father works on his car, he calls up his son to help out, rarely does he call his daughter to do so. From the childhood, nothing is done to eradicate this disparity to create an equal learning ground. Yet some women find a way through all that negativity.

We are in a generation when the world is growing very fast. We cannot let out prejudices stand in any possible way. Its time to break the myth. It doesn't matter if one is a boy or a girl. One should follow their heart, their passion and as fellow humans, it is our duty to help remove the obstacles in their path in order to let them achieve their goal.

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Well, Manisha, you certainly told me! But do let me respond.

Let me start with your closing, where you said, "We are in a generation when the world is growing very fast. ...." Let me give you a clue: Every previous generation has thought the same about itself. The only difference is that this generation is far more self-indulgent, far more self-centered, than most previous generations.

You also said, "It is really sad for me to read such a comment from a professor of ME. Being a teacher you have the power to sway the minds of young people, students look up to you , you must have been the role model for some students. Instead of using this power to help students, fuel their passion for ME, you are propagating an agenda how women are not fit for engineering of any sort and how engineering is an excellent way to find a husband." You do not have your facts straight. Every one of my blog posts, and elsewhere, it it is made clear that I am retired. Thus I am no longer actively teaching; I could not stand it. You say that I am propagating an agenda, but that it not true either. I am simply reporting observations gained over a long lifetime. When I was actively teaching, I worked equally hard for all my students, and many of them were women. I have seen some women do spectacularly well, but everyone that I know about has eventually gone the mommy route and bailed out of engineering. That is just a fact. Oh, and I never said anything at all, here or elsewhere, about engineering being a good place to find a husband. You are putting words in my mouth; shame on you.

Regarding my former student, the woman who has a PhD and is a mother, yes, I do believe it was easy for her to earn a PhD and still not be serious about the subject. She was extremely bright, and staying in school for a PhD was simply the easiest thing she could choose to do. It was much easier than getting a job and working! This woman is 48 years old now (she and my engineer daughter where high school friends, and my daughter is 48 also). About a year ago, I wrote to her, proposing some joint research. She wrote back that she was interested in the project, but it was summer and she wanted to spend time with her kids and riding her bicycle. She said that she would follow up later, after school started. Here a year later, she has not followed up, although she did ask me to sponsor her in a charity bicycle ride. These are not the actions of someone serious about an engineering career, but rather they are the actions of an overgrown child. She can afford to do all of this because her husband, an engineer, works hard and supports his family well.

You tell me that you intend to marry and have children, but that neither will pull you away from mechanical engineering. Perhaps you are correct, but you speak only of what you imagine, not what you have actually done. I have been married over 50 years, and raised three children, so I know something of how these things work. I seriously doubt that you will do what you say. You speak as one on early to mid-20s, speaking what you imagine and plan to do. I speak as one more than 3 times that age, and I simply report what I have seen. You think the world is all new and different from the past ages, but to quote Solomon, "There is nothing new under the sun." But perhaps there is one exception to that. This is, I think, the first generation that I know about to so openly tell their elders that they are ignorant, foolish, and prejudiced. This is essentially what you have said to me. To this, I can only say, if you will not learn from instruction, then the school of hard knocks is your only source of education. Good luck with that!




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Now adays , male / female education is a must & no difference in job . The only obstacle , in my opinion , is the actual work at construction site . I prefer office work for the female , as she will chalange the male by her intelligence .

​Yes its true, but that too can be looked upon!

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