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Not quite Kent.....aircraft engines have complete redundancy which effectively means they have two magnetos and a single sparkplug on each operating independently of one another...should one fail, the engine continues to operate under power.

Twin sparkplugs on IC engines are there to provide two sparks and two flame fronts which traverse the piston charge more quickly resulting in the ability for the engine to rev higher...the do often benefit from a more complete burn too...this does produce a more thorough burn....but htis does NOT necessarily reduce the emmissions.

As the combustion temperature increases, oxides of nitrogen (Nox) are more readily produced, increasing the toxic polutants from the engine.

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DTS-i = Digital Twin Spark Ignition

Instead of using one spark plug like most bikes, you use two to try and get the air fuel mixture to burn better. The Air Fuel mixture is delivered like any other bike into the cylinder.

DTS-Si = Digital Twin Spark - Swirl Induction

You again use two spark plugs to burn the air-fuel mixture. But the air fuel mixture is made to undergo turbulence and "swirl" to ensure better mixing before it enters the cylinder and thereby allow better burning and consequently better performance.

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