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A Hoisting Problem for Engineers, #53



Mechanics Corner, #53

A Journal  of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics by DrD

                                                             A Hoisting Problem for Engineers

                                                       A Learning Experience in Machine Design

There is a document available on the Internet at several locations with the title 2.003 Problem Archive by MIT Professor David Trumper, Last Updated April 19, 2005. It is a collection of engineering problems, some with Matlab solutions. One thing that particularly caught my eye is 4.4 Hoisting Problem for Engineers, found on pp. 27-28. The source document does not provide a solution for this problem. The thing that caught my attention is that I thought that there was a better way to build such a machine. Below we will first analyze the machine as Trumper presented it, and then look at an alternative using the same hardware. It turns out that, in some senses, both are correct, but we must explore that below.




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