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Why You Shouuld NOT Use the D'Alembert's Principle



Mechanics Corner   #50

A Journal of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics by DrD

                                   Why You Should NOT Use the D'Alembert's Principle

I think it is safe to say that every engineering student studies both Statics and Dynamics. We are told that Statics is easier than Dynamics, which is often true but not so in all cases. When we get to Dynamics, many teachers, particularly physics teachers, will urge the use of something called D'Alembert's Principle. They tell us that it reduces dynamics problems to statics problems and thus makes life so much easier. This is a lie! It just is not true!!

For an extended discussion about why this is the case, read on please.




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Double Wow!! The number of cursory lookers has more than doubled, and the number serious enough to open the PDF is all the way up to 16!! Just wow!!


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wow! what an article!

Very much clarifying doubts, and somewhat putting in doubt, what we have studied and what we should apply?

Well, that answer will be achieved after some hard work in this field, and it requires time. 




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I'm glad you are getting something useful from these posts.


Alban, I have to say that I do no know enough about Kane's method to have a useful opinion. Sorry about that!



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