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About this blog

This blog is meant to share all the experiences of your college life, be it regarding the lectures, you found to be boring, the projects you undertook, the seminars, workshops, training you participated in, the internships you were selected for and all the tips you would like your juniors to follow to get a successful college life.

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5 tips to survive a Seminar successfully!

Seminars have always been an important aspect of education. It's an opportunity to either gain knowledge on an unknown topic or develop ideas regarding something you already know.It's a place where you meet highly skilled persons and get to know their recent researches.You should attend at least a couple of seminars annually to keep yourself updated about the advancements taking place in your field. I've seen many people who keep avoiding seminars, although interested, just because they have nev

Tania Alam

Tania Alam in Seminars

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